Jammin after school

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A nice image of what our summer went….

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Bellevue Middle School Band: Disney 2011

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the band at Epcot just after the Disney workshops:

crazy fun at Disney after all performances completed:

last day at Universal – roller coasters and water rides!


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I got a brand new puppy. We named him Jett (and he is black and not a lab) he is a mix between a bortikolly and Rustle Terrier. His ears get stuck back and I love it when he shakes his head to put them back in place. His snarles are very scary and very mean. He is usually a kind and loving dog. Well I have to go now, bye.

A Sneak Peak…

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One day a boy named Jack Alfonso was at the jewelry store. He was not the smartest or richest kid in the class. He did not have any friends. He was the only kid who did not have a job. He did not work for his money. He stole it. He created a lot of mischief in the small, and quiet town of Moline, Illinois. He lived in a very small house that was a bright yellow color that his mom used to love. He had long black hair, and bright blue eyes that his mom said she plucked them out of the sky just for him. His dad had been trying very hard to get a job with a very good paycheck. Jack had told his dad that he had gotten a job at the jewelry store. His dad had wondered how he got so much money (of course a lot of money was like ten dollars to him.) Jack did more things than just steal. He pretty much did whatever he wanted ever since his mom had died when he was five. His dad is always to busy to make sure that his son was not getting in trouble trying to help his son.

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The Rockies (my baseball team in little league) were 6-8 but were in 5th place in the league. We have come a long way since our third baseman Nick came back from a twisted ankle. In one of our regular-season games against the Red Sox we lost the game against them, because they had their best players but, in our second game we faced them they didn’t, I know it sounds like a cheap win but we still played as hard as we could. So since we were in 5th we got a first round by (which means we got to rest for a night and played the next day). We had to play the Red Sox again so we had a 50% chance to win and 50% chance to lose so we didn’t know what to expect besides we were going to play our hardest and have fun, well at least some of us 5 players on our team asked to sit during a tournament game. A guy named Evan watches all the strikes and swings at the balls he does that to end the game faster he even cheers when he strikes out anyway he says he hates baseball but he is a great hitter he just does NOT try. Jack Hawkins an awesome guy on my team in the beginning of the season was struggling to get a hit then his dad got him a pitching machine then he started hitting a lot better anyway, in the game he got a huge hit he just had a tough break and got a bad break. OK before I tell this I have to tell you this one I was like the worst pitcher in the league if all you wanted was strikes and you didn’t care for power I was like anti strike but in this critical game I gave up one run walked zipo batters and had four strike outs. I was 2 for 3 in batting I didn’t let one person steal home and I got hurt when I slid into home because, my hand got caught on the ground and bent back to far. and we won 9-5 and won it because we wanted it more we had a lot more fun and tried harder. We play the Yankees on Friday 5:45 IF we lose (which we probably won’t) we have to play a triple header and win all three on Saturday to get to the Semi-Finals.

Sam Reynolds #8       Rockies

A day in Nashville…

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I showed Skip Ewing “Smoke On the Water” today,


Then I got to learn something from Skip.